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Best of Indonesia - Been there don det

Best of Indonesia

First text ever on the blog written in English. Some things you just got to do no matter how badly it goes.

Lets concentrate on more important things than my spelling and by more important I mean Indonesia, of course. Those little things, places and people that made our trip so special. Let me introduce you to our ”best of Indonesia” list.
Karimunjawa archipelago is bunch of small islands north of Java. Best way to get there is by train from Jakarta first stopping in Semarang and then in Jepara. The trip then continues by a 5 hour lasting ferry trip to the island. The journey is frustrating but believe me when I say that it´s definitely worth making! Crystal clear waters, beaches covered in white sand and bioluminescence plankton that makes the sea present you with the most wonderful and beautiful spectacle every night.
A small island in Karimunjawa archipelago. A fisherman took us there and we were able to spend a night living the castaway life on an uninhabitated island. Such an amazing experience and a big thanks goes to Jonv -the founder of Seasky Karimunjawa tourist information, who made the trip possible for us.DSC_4388
What ever you plan to do during your stay in Karimunjawa islands, Jonv is the right guy to turn to. He is the founder of a tourist information center called Seasky, but feels more like a friend. He knows everything about the island and what to do there. He is such a smart and honest person with a great sense of humor. Even though we managed to spoil his rice. Twice.DSC_4427
Everyone we met in Indo told us that the number one diving spot is in Raja Ampat in Papua. Unfortunately we could not make it there this time so we went to the second best place in Indonesia. Komodo, or more specificly, Labuan Bajo in Flores.  Diving here was truly an amazing and also money-value experience! Five turtles, manta-rays and millions of fish can’t be wrong!


Screenshot 2015-06-27 12.54.19

10km hike in a sweaty jungle was definitely worth it. The village is an amazingly beautiful place that lays in the valley between high mountains.DSC_5895

There is over one hundred volcanoes situated in Indonesia and the country is also part of the Ring of Fire. We saw three of them: the currently erupting Mount Ruang, as well as Mount Bromo and Mount Ijen.11856498_10153272522223612_2839482432798107841_o





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